Best Places to Find Software Developers for Your Company

When in the process of assembling a core team to help run a business, one of the most basic things to do is to send out an ad that lets potential jobseekers know that your company is hiring. You then meticulously go through dozens of résumés to pick out applicants you believe are the perfect fit for your organization. Finding good software developers, however, involves a slightly different process since most of the great ones are unfortunately already taken. This is how in-demand these professionals are today. It’s like sifting through the free agency market and not finding anyone with star player quality.

There are, however, a few places where you can still find good software developers with great potential, the right amount of experience, and are open to new ideas. Developing computer software takes a significant amount of time to complete. So naturally, most software developers will not take on more than one project at a time, which is good for the clients. If you hire someone to work on a project with you, you would most certainly want his full attention on your project and not anyone else’s, right? That’s what makes finding a dependable software developer somewhat of a challenge.

1. The Local Gatherings

As previously mentioned, most of the popular software developers/contractors may have already been taken before you even get the chance to approach them and pitch your idea. A great way to find good software developers you can pull in with your team is to search for local meet ups in your area. Virtually every city, today, has its own breed of up and coming software developers who may not be popular yet but have great potential in their field.

Find local software developer gatherings in your area by searching online. You might be surprised at how many of these types of groups meet in your locale every week. Most of the people who attend such meet ups are smart and eager to participate in projects that may provide a few challenges to their skills as a programmer

2. Online Mailing Lists

Acquiring a mailing list from software contractors may require a bit of research on your part. There are tons of software developers who advertise online, some are looking for steady work while others are mainly interested in contractual jobs. One thing you can do in order to acquire a mailing list of potential computer programmers is to find and get acquainted with a prominent software developer.

Although most of these developers, who have already made a name for themselves, may not be taking on contract work, they may have a mailing list of interested contractors who might just be willing to take on your project. And if they don’t have mailing list, they certainly have quite a few connections that could help point you in the right direction as far as searching for potential software contractors is concerned.

3. Online Job Sourcing Sites

Job sourcing websites provide a huge number of job listings that you can sift through if you are looking to hire skilled and experienced individuals to work for your business. Individuals in these listings offer a variety of talents and skills, from basic data entry to specialized tasks like SEO marketing and virtual assistance services. If you are looking for good software developers, job sourcing sites are as good a place to start as any.

Good software developers that have the skills and the experience in working with specific projects are hard to find. For software contractors, it is difficult to find clients who have realistic cost expectations. This is where job sourcing sites can be beneficial for both parties. Additionally, there are private business networking sites that specialize on pairing software developers with potential projects. This is where you will have a greater chance of finding the right contractor for your project type, whether it’s mobile app development, web application, software design, and so on.

Project owners must post their project on the site, along with the proposed budget. Software developers/contractors can then apply if they are interest in the project. After the pairing phase, the process then moves toward the communication phase, where project owners and developers can talk about pricing and other important aspects.

4. Social Networking Sites

Social media has indeed become a popular place to go to connect with other people, companies, and even services. Although you might find a few decent software contractors on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, you are better off searching on Twitter or to find the right developer for your project. and Twitter are the preferred social networking sites of serious software developers. So try searching these sites using key phrases and keywords associated with your project. Try to look for people with a lot of followers and a very small following-to-follower ratio. These same people will most likely have a higher SERP rank on Google with their blogs.

Painting of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites can also help you find good software developers.

5. Developer Conferences and App Conventions

There are a bunch of conferences and conventions going on every year for almost every aspect of software development. Although this might cost you a bit of money, attending these conferences will allow you to connect with great software developers who are eager to work on a variety of projects. Make sure to collect as many business cards and contact info as you can during these events, as they can come in handy for other future projects you might have.

App conventions and conferences are generally focused on independent developers, which is where the real talent and skills truly resides. Whether you want to develop an app for iOS, Android, or other platforms, these conferences are where the best in the industry often gather.

With these tips and ideas, finding an exceptionally good software developer will no longer be a challenge.

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