A Message from the CEO, Antonio Agustin Rodano

A Message from the CEO, Antonio Agustin Rodano


Welcome to Squarefish, Inc!

Gus-RodanoStarting from humble beginnings with a small team of 6 multi-talented professionals to cater to the growing online marketing needs of a few first-world companies, SquareFish, Inc. now has over a hundred-strong workforce composed of search engine specialists, web designers, software developers, content writers, virtual assistants, and IT professionals who provide reliable and cost-effective back-end services.

As an IT service company, SquareFish continues to sustain long-term business relationships with some of its customers for more than a decade through its dedicated staff leasing service. This is made possible by recruiting and developing promising talents in the Philippines while engaging our partner-clients in collaborative training and systems development based on customer driven specifications.

We are on the lookout for potential partner companies who are intent on expanding their reach and capability to deliver their services or products to their respective local and international markets while significantly reducing overhead. We have managed to deliver more than satisfying results on behalf of our clients for the past ten years and we are ready to continue doing the same into the next generation.

As you go through our corporate profile, it is my sincere hope that you will find us worth your consideration as you prepare to embark on expanding your business or starting an entirely new endeavour.

It is my please to introduce SquareFish, Inc., to you and we are excited to establish, build and grow a lasting business relationship with you.

Antonio Agustin Rodano

Chief Executive Officer

SquareFish, Inc.