Philippines Emerges Top in SEO Trade

As companies in first world countries understand the necessity of outsourcing and the benefits that it can do to their business, more and more are directing their customer service hotlines to developing countries like the Philippines. From the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) trade, the country has gone far and has established itself in other professional services. In fact, the country is now known as the best SEO Philippines.

In the recent years, American and European businesses alike has been seeking crucial SEO services including web design, copywriting, content editing, and search engine optimization among others. Businesses, in order to keep up with the digital age, must establish their presence in cyberspace. In order to accomplish this, creating websites are necessary. But the work does not end there. The key ingredient towards widening target reach and acquiring a steady stream of clientele lies in the maintenance and promotion of the sites.

Search Engine Optimization Pilipinas

There are many states around the globe that offer SEO services. What sets the Philippines apart is the quality of service. Once an American colony, the Philippines has the fourth largest population of English speakers making Filipinos the best people to work with. The mixture of American and European culture in the Philippines also assures international businesses that Filipinos are well adept with regards to how foreign businesses are managed. Furthermore, clients are assured that the staff working for them possesses the professionalism and the skills needed to accomplish the job. In fact, the Philippines currently have a literacy rate of 93.40 percent with the field of technology as the second most produced number of graduates per year making Filipinos especially well-suited for SEO work.

Another benefit that comes with outsourcing to the Philippines is the cheaper rates. As comprehensively explained by Carol Bustos-Santiago, an Offsite Content Editor based in California, “BPOs in the country market the skills of their SEO Specialists as cheap as PhP 15,000 (approximately $327) per month, plus office fees and benefits. Then, there is the option of hiring a freelance SEO specialist via online marketplaces or SEO forums. Freelance SEO in the Philippines cost a maximum of $10 per hour. Without the office fees and benefits (and the strings attached with opting for BPOs), SEO freelancers are even cheaper. Many freelance SEO Specialists in the Philippines offer packaged services. Aside from the “regular” SEO services mentioned above, most of them offer providing content for the websites they are to promote. That saves the company companies between $32,500 and $35,000 annually that they usually shell out for content editors.”

An effective SEO company is a company that employs white-hat methods and SEO strategies in selling or promoting the products and services of the clients with the aim of getting more users to log onto the website thereby increasing the website’s accessibility and visibility. With Filipino’s ingenuity and professionalism, it is no wonder that the Philippines is recognized as home to leading SEO company worldwide.

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