Social Bookmarking – How Relevant Is It for SEO?

If you’re an online marketer, then you know how important search engine optimization (SEO) is. You also know how tricky it can be. You are also aware of the need to spend time gaining a clearer understanding of how SEO works and what the current trends are. You need to know which particular techniques are deemed useful at present and which ones are deemed obsolete or downright detrimental to your online marketing efforts. You need to study and understanding every component of search that affects your online marketing campaigns.

One such aspect that has caused a bit of confusion among SEO practitioners and online marketers in recent years is social bookmarking. Most of the confusion stems from the fact that there are still SEO practitioners and online marketers who don’t quite understand what social bookmarking is all about and how it affects SEO. There are even those who have no idea at all what social bookmarking is. So perhaps the best way to clear up the confusion is to first discuss the basics.

What Is Social Bookmarking?

In the same way you insert a bookmark between the pages of a book so you don’t lose your place in whatever you’re reading, you can also bookmark web pages so you can read their content anytime you want, as long as you have access to the Internet. The problem with this is that if your browser crashes or if you access the Internet on another device, the bookmark will no longer be there, which requires you to search for the sites again. This is where social bookmarking enters the picture.

Sites like Reddit and Delicious allow you to bookmark web pages and keep those bookmarks regardless of where you access the Internet. Even if your browser crashes, you can use another browser or another gadget and your bookmark will still be there. Even better news is that the pages you bookmark on these sites are seen by search engines like Google as backlinks. This is why, as an online marketer, you need to use social bookmarking as a tool to enhance your SEO campaign.

Yes, even today, when so much has changed in the world of SEO, social bookmarking is still highly relevant. If you’re still unconvinced, here are some excellent reasons why social bookmarking should be part of your overall SEO strategy:

1. Quick Indexing

SEO generally involves a lot of waiting. You need to wait for your pages to get indexed and ranked by search engines. You need to wait for users to find your links on search engine results pages (SERPs) and click on them. You need to wait for all your efforts to bear fruit. However, there are times when you just need to run campaigns that require quick, if not immediate, results.

The good news is that there is a way for you to get search engines to index your site faster than they normally do. And that is to engage with social bookmarking sites. Search engines constantly crawl these sites, so when they find your links across a number of social bookmarking platforms, they will immediately index your site.

Social Bookmarking Webpages

Socially bookmarked web pages get indexed by search engines more quickly because search engines constantly crawl social bookmarking sites.

2. Social Signals

Other than allowing you to view specific web pages whenever you want, social bookmarking sites also send out social signals across the Internet. When you actively engage with these sites, therefore, Google and other search engines will likely interpret your content as being worthy of bookmarking and social sharing. Your chance of getting high search rankings is therefore improved.

3. Improved Page Rank

All the benefits you gain from social bookmarking will cumulatively result in an improved Page Rank. When Google and other search engines index websites and consider them for ranking, they normally take into consideration inbound links from authority sites, social signals, and engagement with the website’s target audience. If you start including social bookmarking in your SEO efforts now, the next time you assess your online performance, you’re bound to see a marked improvement in your search rankings.

4. Targeted Traffic

Just like many other businesses, you probably operate within a specific niche. This means you have a specific demographic as your target customers, and this same demographic is most likely your target online audience. Therefore, you don’t really need millions of website visitors from all over the globe. Rather, you need as many of your target audience as possible to visit your website so you’ll get the chance to show them what you have to offer.

This is one of the most significant benefits you can get from social bookmarking. The people who check your website via social bookmarking platforms are actually interested in the kind of products/services you offer. They’re interested in the topics you discuss on your website and on your blog. They are therefore potential readers, followers, and customers. They can help improve your page views and make your website look more favorable to Google and other search engines.

5. Do-follow Links

There is a huge amount of focus on do-follow links in the world of SEO. These links somehow pass on a bit of SEO power from the source website, as opposed to a no-follow link. You may think that all social bookmarking platforms have no-follow links, but that’s not the case at all. There are a good number of social bookmarking sites that allow do-follow links. Some of these sites are Diigo, Digg, and

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Now that you understand why social bookmarking is still a relevant aspect of SEO, you’d most likely appreciate getting a heads-up on sites with high Page Rank. The following list should help you get started with social bookmarking. Here are the five social bookmarking sites with the highest Google PR:

1. Pinterest

Launched in 2010, this image sharing site now has about 70 million users. It has become popular not only in the world of social bookmarking, but even in the world of social media. Users appreciate the fact that they can segregate their image collections based on themes and then label those themes accordingly. The collections are referred to as boards and users can “pin” original content on these boards or “repin” content from other users.

Content Pinning and Repinning

Pinterest allows you to pin original content or repin content from other users.

2. Delicious

Launched in 2003, this site is known as the original tagging and first social bookmarking site. Users are able to group content into stacks, which may be created individually or in collaboration with other users. Even if you do not allow other users to contribute to your stacks, they can still suggest links you may want to add. Although there are many social bookmarking sites that allow users to contribute to each other’s stacks, Delicious is known to have the best collaboration resources.

3. Reddit

Launched in 2004, this site has a format that sets it apart from other social bookmarking sites. Where other sites feature a lot of visuals, Reddit is heavy on text. Users are allowed rate content, submit links, comment on links, and add each other as friends. Content that get the most number of “up” votes are ranked at the top of the page, while less popular content are placed at the bottom. The site is ideal if you want to jazz up your content, as it is known for unique and off-beat content.

4. StumbleUpon

Launched in 2001, this site is known for being an excellent venue for discovery and recommendation, aside from being a social bookmarking site. Instead of receiving a list of links, you are sent directly to a relevant web page when you click on the “Stumble” button. You are then given the opportunity to “Like” or “Dislike” the content on that page. Your votes for the pages you are shown are taken into consideration the next time you click on the “Stumble” button.


Launched in 2011, this site is lauded for having been able to combine the best features of the older social bookmarking sites. The platform is very easy to use and highly functional. Like Pinterest, allows you to categorize content based on topics or themes. You may then assign keywords to your topics, and the site will provide you with related content. You also have the opportunity to connect and interact with other users through the following and commenting features.

Create an account on any or all of the sites on the list above and be sure to provide all the necessary information about the specific web page you want to bookmark. Note that while it can be tempting to bookmark every single page on your website, that isn’t likely to help you achieve your purpose. Be careful in choosing web pages to bookmark and always approach social bookmarking such that it helps, rather than hurts, your SEO.

You’ll be glad to know that social bookmarking isn’t so difficult to do, so it really shouldn’t be too much of a burden to add to your existing SEO strategies. As soon as you learn how to do it, you’ll find that doing it regularly is a breeze. We’ve already given you a list of the top 5 social bookmarking platforms. It now falls upon you to start using these platforms to reap the benefits of social bookmarking. Good luck!

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