Social Media Marketing for Your Blog – How to Make It Work

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is on social media these days. This is why social media is now ranked among the most powerful online marketing platforms. At the core of social media is the chance for everyone to be heard, which means you, too, can use it to spread the news about your business and your brand.

Perhaps you’ve already been using social media to some extent. You may already have launched one campaign after another. So, why aren’t you seeing the results you expect? Why has none of your content gone viral and why aren’t you reaching the kind of audience you want? Here are several possible reasons:

  1. Your Content is Boring
    Content will always be the heart and soul of a marketing campaign, regardless of the platform you use. If you don’t have anything interesting to share, or if you fail to deliver your message in an engaging manner, no amount of social media activity is likely to propel you towards the success you crave.When we talk about content, remember that we’re not just talking about the message itself, but everything you put out there. What is the very first thing people are likely to see when it comes to content of any kind? The title, right? Well, then, you need to make sure your titles are catchy and interesting enough to get people to actually read the content.And content doesn’t necessarily mean text. In fact, your content shouldn’t be in pure text form, especially NOT on social media, where users tend to be highly visual. Insert a related photo or two in each piece of content you publish and consider posting infographics and videos from time to time. The key is to create a variety of visual content that’s easy to share.
  2. You’re on the Wrong Platform
    One of the fundamental rules of marketing is that you should target your message to specific sets of audience. This requires you to create personas for the kind of people you want to reach with your content. These personas give you an idea as to what your target audience wants to hear, what they’re looking for in a brand, and where they usually hang out.When you start marketing your blog on social media, therefore, you can’t just create accounts on every social network you come across and then post links to your blog on those accounts. You need to identify the social networking sites your target audience frequents and focus your social media marketing efforts on those sites. That is the best way for you to get the best returns on your investment.For example, Facebook may be the world’s most popular social networking site, but if you plan to do some B2B marketing for your blog, LinkedIn may actually be a better platform for you to use. Just because a particular site is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one to use for your purposes. You have to find the RIGHT platform, not just the most popular one.
  3. You’re Inconsistent
    You post new content today and then completely disappear from your social media pages for weeks. Worse, you post content on your blog only once every few months. You’d be surprised at how many online marketers are guilty of this, without ever realizing that this is what’s hurting their marketing campaign the most.You want more people to know of your existence, right? You want to build a strong online presence. You want to become an authority in your chosen field. So why aren’t you making more of an effort to put your message out there? Why aren’t you trying hard enough to reach as many of your target audience as you can? Why are you adopting a “here today, gone tomorrow” attitude with your blog and social media campaign?Bear in mind that social media users check their accounts practically every single day. So you have to be there as often as you can. At the very least, you should post new content once or twice each week. Your audience has to know that you’re committed to giving them valuable information for the long term. They need to know they can rely on you whenever they need to be educated, informed about a certain product, or entertained in any way.
  4. You Try Too Hard
    Although it’s not advisable to leave your blog and your social media pages unattended for too long, it is also ill-advised to try too hard. Do you post status updates with links to your blog every hour or so? Do you flood your followers’ timelines with promotional content? Do you post one tweet after another, pestering people to read your blog? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you’re definitely trying too hard.Timeline

    If you post a link to your blog on your social media pages every hour or so and flooding your followers’ timelines with promotional content, then you’re definitely overdoing it. photo by Alan Cleaver

    Whenever you post a new blog entry and then tell people about it on your social media pages, imagine yourself actually speaking to someone and telling them about your new blog entry. Would it really be a good idea to keep repeating the message to the same person every few minutes or so? If you won’t do it in person, then don’t do it on social media.There is a reason why it’s called social media. It’s supposed to be a venue for people to socialize online. So don’t use it to endlessly push your products, your brand, or your message on your followers. If you do that, you’ll only succeed in losing those followers. Sharing the news about a new blog entry or a significant development in your business once or twice each day should be enough. DON’T overdo it.

  5. You’re Ignoring the Audience
    Never forget that social media requires two-way communication. That’s why it’s called social in the first place. You can’t just talk about your blog and your brand all the time without listening to what your audience has to say. You don’t achieve social media marketing success that way. You waste your efforts by ignoring your audience.Whenever you post something on your blog or on social media, you can expect people to react by posting comments and questions. In fact, you should work on making people react to your posts because if they’re not reacting, then you’re probably not making any impact at all. This is why you need to regularly monitor your blog and social media posts. What kind of feedback are you getting? What are people saying about your post and about your brand?More than just monitoring feedback, though, you need to respond to your audience. This is how you let them know that their voices are being heard. Your audience needs to know that their opinions matter. That’s how you gain their trust and ultimately, their loyalty. Answer their questions as clearly as you can and respond to their comments in the best way you can.

Tips for Ensuring Social Media Success

Other than avoiding the above mistakes, here are some things that are essential to the success of your social media marketing efforts:

  1. You need to have the right people on your team.
    Just because someone is young and fresh out of college doesn’t necessarily mean he knows more about social media than you do. To be more specific, just because someone spends almost the entire day on sites like Facebook and Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean he knows more about social media marketing than you do.When you hire people to join your social media marketing team, make sure they know a lot not only about how social media works, but also about marketing in general. Find people who have actually done what you hope to achieve on social media. You may have to pay more in terms of salaries and bonuses, but having the right people on your team is definitely well worth the investment.
  2. Your team has to believe in the project.
    Even if you have the right people for the job, you still cannot expect the campaign to be successful if your team doesn’t believe in it. How can anyone give their best effort on a project they don’t believe in? So before you even think about promoting your blog and selling your brand to others, work on selling the project to your team first.Explain to your team how promoting your blog on social media can help you increase revenue. More importantly, explain to them how an increase in the revenue of your business benefits them. Every single person on your team has to believe in the project for you to ensure success.
  3. You need to set realistic goals and manage expectations.
    You cannot expect your content to go viral on the first try. That just might happen if you’re very lucky, but in most cases, it takes a lot of time and consistent effort to achieve your goals. Make sure your goals are clear, specific, and realistic. Setting broad and unrealistic goals is the same as setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

Bear in mind that many businesses all over the world are now trying to figure out how they can monetize their efforts on social media. Do not make the same mistakes some of them are making. Make sure you know exactly who your audience is supposed to be and what they need from you. This is the best way for you to ensure that your blog delivers a message your audience relates with and that your social media efforts won’t go to waste.

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