Social Media Videos: Instagram or Vine?

If you’re an Instagram user, then you’ve most probably already heard about the latest development concerning this social media site. In fact, you may already have tried its new feature—a video-sharing tool. This development places Facebook’s Instagram in direct competition with Twitter’s Vine. Users and social media experts immediately started checking how the newbie is faring as compared to the more established tool. This is just one of the things they saw: the iTunes Chart ranks Vine #7 and Instagram #8. The battle has indeed begun!

Instagram vs. Vine: The Similarities

The basic similarity between Vine and Instagram video is, of course, the fact that they allow you to upload and share short video clips. Both video-sharing sites also allow you to switch between your device’s front and rear camera when you’re filming. They are also both available on iOS and Android, although Vine’s Android version was launched just last month whereas Instagram made their video feature available on both platforms at the same time.

The Differences

The most significant differences between the Instagram video feature and Vine have to do with their presentation and design. For one thing, Vine allows you to upload six-second video clips whereas Instagram has room for up to 15 seconds of video. A 9-second difference may not seem like much at first, but when you actually view video clips on the two platforms, you’ll realize that nine seconds can seem like an eternity when you’re pressed for time. On the other side of the spectrum, there are videos that would have been perfect if you’d been able to shoot for nine seconds more.

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When you’re an on-the-go user checking out videos for business purposes, you’d probably appreciate the shorter clips on Vine. However, if your purpose is to make creative video clips, then you’re likely to appreciate the extra few seconds offered by Instagram. You’re also sure to appreciate the fact that Instagram’s video feature has all of the artsy filters you find in its original photo service. Other than that, Instagram video also has an editing feature that enables you to delete the last clip you recorded whenever you deem it necessary to do so.

Another significant difference between the two video services is found in the video playback. With Vine, your videos start playing the moment you scroll over them. With Instagram, there’s a bit of delay after pressing the “Play” button, which can be quite annoying for some users, especially those who are always on the go. The videos on Instagram also have no ability to loop, unlike Vine’s GIF-like videos. When it comes to sharing, however, Instagram has the advantage of letting you post your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Foursquare. You can also share your Instagram videos via email. These sharing capabilities could be the primary reason why Instagram was able to put up a good fight despite being new to the social media scene.

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Instagram Video vs. Vine Video Sharing:

The Situation So Far

At present, it certainly looks like Instagram has the upper hand, considering that Vine has seen a significant drop in video shares within just a week of Instagram video’s launch. A report from Marketing Land shows the drop in Vine shares coinciding with an increase in Instagram shares on June 20, which was the launch date of Instagram video. Specifically, Vine shares dropped from 2.5 million on June 19th to just a little over 1.5 million on the 20th, which signifies a 40% drop in just one day. Vine shares continued to drop over the week, going down to less than 900,000 on the 27th, which is 70% less than the shares they had on the 15th.

Instagram vs Vine

One of the biggest advantages Instagram has over Vine is that the site already has about 130 million active users, all of whom are expected to become loyal users of the video feature as well. Furthermore, the site itself was designed for use of the masses, giving you ample time to shoot your videos and filters that allow you to easily make your videos pretty. It even offers video stabilization, thus allowing you to give your videos a more professional appeal.

For its part, Vine has a solid community of video-sharing addicts supporting it. These people are those who consider the 6-second limit of Vine a challenge and an avenue for them to become more creative. These are also the same people who have made GIFs very popular. For them, the looping ability of Vine videos is a refreshing way of throwing GIF into the mixture. Additionally, the mass appeal of Instagram video makes Vine loyalists appreciate the creative-focused niche even more. It is for this reason that experts aren’t counting out Vine just yet, even in light of the huge headway Instagram has made within just a week of being launched.

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So, which video-sharing platform is better, Instagram or Vine? The answer actually depends on what your purpose, your skills, and your preferences are. Why are you making videos? Who’s your intended audience? How good are you in creating and editing videos? How much time can you devote to video-making? Your answers to these questions can determine which platform can best serve your purposes. For example, if your video-making skills are as basic as the average online user, then you may be better off using Instagram video. However, if you have some advanced video-making skills and you want to constantly make use of your creativity, then Vine video-sharing could be the platform for you. Again, your choice depends on your unique circumstances.

What is clear at this point is that Instagram has definitely eaten a huge chunk off of Vine’s video shares. However, this doesn’t mean you can completely count Vine out just yet. In fact, Vine has announced that they’ll be implementing some changes very soon. One of the expected changes, which users are excited about, is the ability to save and edit video “drafts.” If their new developments are as exciting as people expect them to be, Vine could soon turn the tables on Instagram. For now, Vine is expected to serve as some sort of YouTube for short clips whereas Instagram is expected to be more like Vimeo.

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