SquareFish Holds the Edge in Social Media Outsourcing

It is customary for website owners today to outsource additional manpower and commission the services of independent freelancers. Not all website owners are fortunate enough to have their own complete team who can take care of everything from website creation and design, content writing, and search engine optimization, to marketing and promotions. When there’s so much work to be done, but there seems to be too little time to get everything done fast and within schedule, that’s already a sign to start looking for an SEO outsourcing company.

SquareFish is a very good example of an SEO outsourcing company that you can hire to perform the website management, promotion, and optimization tasks that you either have no knowledge about, or simply don’t have enough time to do all by yourself. SquareFish is composed of SEO-smart individuals with different specializations for SEO, link building, content writing, and marketing, among others. These are the elements that make SquareFish a premiere social media outsourcing company.

An All-in-One Service

Edge in Social Media OutsourcingOne of the best things about SquareFish is even if you are only paying for a specific type of service, like social media outsourcing for instance, it doesn’t mean that the other departments will have nothing to do with the project whatsoever. Clients get an all-in-one service from this outsourcing company.

Besides manually managing and monitoring social media accounts, the company will also put its SEO team to work researching keywords that must be included in social media posts, and looking for niche websites or communities where it will be possible to plug the social media accounts to invite more subscribers/followers/fans/friends.

Going back to keywords, the content writers will be at the ready to provide brief social posts, if absolutely necessary. People in marketing and advertising are more ideal for the job of coming up with one-liners to post in social media networks, after all. The writers though still play a role in social media outsourcing services though, and that is to write very good articles that can be used as material for social sharing. Of course, this also means that a blog will be very handy for content marketing and sharing via social media.

A Company That Prioritizes ROI

SquareFish Inc. is realistic about setting goals and timetables for its clients. Many online entrepreneurs think that getting into the first page of the search engine page results is the ultimate success. While getting there is indeed one, SquareFish will never stray from the more realistic and concrete measure of success: earning conversions, whether monetary or not, and getting back an excellent ROI percentage.

The company’s social media outsourcing strategy then is geared towards effective social interaction with the general public and the client’s targeted market, in particular. It’s not just about having hundreds or even thousands of Facebook fans or Twitter contacts. What’s more important is getting those fans and contacts, regardless of how many they are, to respond positively to your business and website.

Invest in social media outsourcing and achieve more for your website than just making a marketing post go viral.

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