Staff Leasing

Staff Leasing: An Outsourcing and Offshoring Model

This is our most common form of offshore resource building. Under this structure, we discuss your business goals and together come up with a specific recruiting profile for the staff you want to hire. We then recruit and pre-screen candidates and present them to you for final interviews. Through all of the above there is no obligation on your part until you have found the perfect candidates for your team. After you have selected your staff, we sign an agreement and then bring the staff aboard. We handle all of their HR, office and infrastructure needs, while you manage their workflow. We also offer varying degrees of project management depending on your needs. Our goal is to enable them to function as seamlessly as employees in your own office.

Pricing is calculated using a simple formula that includes the employee’s raw salary plus taxes, benefits, infrastructure and a small management fee. Billing is transparent and easy to understand.

Offshore staff leasing is a powerful outsourcing option because it provides a simple template for integrating an offshore team into your existing business without the need to give up much management control. Staff leasing can be used to build teams from one person to several hundred.


Company A would like to hire 4 full time graphic designers to support their direct mail marketing business: We would collect and pre-screen a pool of potential candidates for the company to review. Company A would then review sample work and resumes for each of the candidates and choose a certain number to interview. If they are able to choose 4 then we would hire the designers, set up their workstations with the required software (please note that specialized software may incur additional costs) and allocate them a space in our state-of-the art facility, where they would be in daily contact with the client’s home office via IM software such as Skype or other collaborative tools. If they cannot find 4 that meet their requirements, we would continue our recruiting efforts. Once the staff begins work, office webcam monitoring is available and working hours are monitored by a bio-metric time clock. We monitor all working conditions and adherence to all local laws and guidelines, as well as any special conditions put in place by the client. Except where noted, all indicative fees quoted for offshore staff are flat and include all Sourcefit costs, taxes, insurance and other employment costs.

Staff Leasing

How Do We Outsource the Best Staff?

More important than cost savings is performance and understandably, quality of work is one of the main concerns of companies who outsource or plan to outsource.

In essence, quality output boils down to two things:

  1. Talented staff
  2. Well-defined work standards and processes

Let’s discuss the first one – Talented staff.

Our track record over the past 6 years has proven our strength in recruiting and retaining only the best and most competent Philippine staff. From the approximately 3 million graduates who enter the Philippine job market each year, we carefully select only the most qualified candidates to fit your specifications.

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1 – Recruit Right

Our experienced recruiting professionals locate qualified candidates through online and traditional recruiting media, as well as academic and industry networks. Each candidate undergoes a series of interviews and specialized exams to ensure that they are suitable for each client’s requirements.

All applicants also undergo a comprehensive exam to test English communication skills and computer proficiency.

Step 2 – Train Right

We take training very seriously and incorporate it into the company goals and annual schedule of activities. We believe good training is the foundation for skilled, professional people who in turn, are the pillars of good working relationships and profitable businesses.

The training we provide our employees is wide-ranging, including technical skills, communication skills, business etiquette, personality development, customer service, leadership and management skills, training, coaching and team-building skills, stress and time management, and workplace wellness.

Regular evaluations are implemented to ensure that performance is optimized. We also have supervisors and managers in place to ensure that your objectives and standards are met. We are with you every step of the way to make sure you get the most from your offshore staff.

Step 3 – Reward Right

We have an outstanding retention record because we take care of our employees by providing health care and other benefits. We also have holistic employee development and enrichment programs, including relationship building, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, health and nutrition, among others. Coupled with our warm yet professional work culture, our production offices are truly conducive workplaces.

By hiring and keeping only the best and brightest talent, we ensure that the standards and procedures you specify are carefully met, and that your overall business goals are achieved.