Twitter Analytics: A Fledgling Feature for Social Advertisers

In mid-June the Twitterverse slowly became aware of an analytics feature that seemed to have popped out of nowhere in the Twitter Ads dashboard. Christopher Penn was the first to write about it and point it out to social marketers and advertisers.

How to Find Twitter Analytics

If you are the type of user who doesn’t venture into the bowels of your settings dashboard, you really won’t be able to discover this feature unless you read articles and blog reviews about it. Twitter Analytics can be accessed by clicking at the settings button on your Twitter dashboard.

Twitter Dashboard Settings

This will then direct you to the Twitter Ads dashboard. To those who are unfamiliar with this, it is a marketing tool that allows advertisers to promote specific tweets or their accounts themselves for a corresponding bid fee. Just click on the Analytics tab at the top of the dashboard and select which analytics data you wish to see.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Data

As shown in the screencap, this free Twitter web analytics tool can show the standard stats for your timeline activity or followers.

The timeline activity is basically a summary of all the activities you did on your Twitter account. There is a graph that will give you a general impression on how active your account is and how well it fares with the public. You get graphs for mentions, follows, and unfollows over 20-day timespans. The second half of the page shows a table of your tweets by order of recent tweets, plus tallies on the number of faves, tweets, and replies for each of them.

As for the followers analytics, the presentation of data is very simple and easy to understand.  At the onset you have a line graph that shows if your number of follows is rising or declining over the past months and years. It shows a summary of your followers’ top interests and most unique interests, information that marketers may be able to take inspiration from when coming up with marketing campaigns. You’ll also know where your followers are from, how many of them are males or females, and the top Twitter users who are being followed by your followers.

The Verdict

Given that this is still a very new feature, and that Twitter did not even formally announced it to the general public, the data provided in Twitter analytics are pretty basic. It’s not enough for advertisers to make in-depth marketing analyses from, although they are still useful nevertheless. However, if you just want to get Twitter stats fast or see an overview of your account activity without being drowned in technical jargon and complicated tables and graphs, this can already suffice.

Twitter Analytics Drawing

Twitter should definitely work on their servers accommodating a large volume of Twitter analytics users at the same time. It also currently discontinued showing the analytics data for tweets. We’re hoping they’ll be bringing this back or improve it further. It can also provide more data on follows and unfollows since many marketers seem to be requiring that information.

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