Twitter Music – Has It Changed the Game or Is It Lame?

Music has always been a part of Twitter—some of the most famous musicians are as crazy about the social network as the next Twitter addict fangirl and artists who use the site to promote themselves. The social media platform took this aspect a step further with its new music discovery app, Twitter Music.

What is Twitter Music?

The app is a lovechild of Twitter and iTunes. Features include:

  • Plays trending songs
  • Shows what your friends are listening to
  • There are tabs for popular and emerging artists, even those outside your Twitter network
  • Detects and presents popular tracks and upcoming musicians based on your tweets and who you follow
  • The search bar can bring you to profiles of artists on Twitter
  • When you go to their profiles, you will see musicians they follow and listen to their songs
  • Listen to 30-second previews and check out the full song by logging into Spotify or Rdio
  • Lets you purchase songs on iTunes
  • Tweet songs you’re currently listening to and add a status message straight from the app

The app pulls songs from iTunes for your enjoyment, and if you log in to Spotify or Rdio, you can maximize the app’s capabilities. More audio streaming services will be added in the future.

Twitter Music can be downloaded for iOS and your web browser. Developers will make it available for Android down the line. You can access the service on, but if it doesn’t show anything on your end, it will be available soon. It’s currently available in the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

twitter music

Why is Music Discovery so Big on the Internet?

Today’s generation of music fans think of themselves as connoisseurs with exquisite taste and an uncanny skill for discovering stellar tunes. The truth is that just a few actually fit this description and most of us don’t have a well-concocted system for finding great melodies. Usually, we simply stumble across catchy and relatable songs via YouTube suggestions, TV show soundtracks, that music geek friend on Facebook, movie trailers and credits, and even (shudder) the radio.

When Myspace, Pandora and other audio streaming services came along, finding new tracks and bands became easier. People who have been on the Internet for a long time know their way around the web, so both hipsters and mainstream fans (apologies for putting these two groups together) found ways to search for tunes that expand their musical interests and feed their fangirl/boy desires.

Depending on your settings, tools like Spotify let you broadcast the musical delights your ears are enjoying. The feeling of connecting to music is often a private thing, but it feels nice to express your inner DJ and tell your friends and followers about your favorite singers and mix tapes.

Twitter Music – Rad or Bad?

The app provides an easy, innovative way to find new artists. Discovering and following musicians who fit your taste is easy because they’re already connected to your network. It’s game-changing considering how it recommends who to check out based on your Twitter activity.

The social media integration is a great bonus. After scrolling through hidden talents in tweets, you can learn more about them, and just tap their avatar to listen to their top song and give them a follow.

Twitter Music

However, messing around with the app will make you ask if you’re missing something. Unless you’re subscribed to Rdio or Spotify, all you get are 30-second clips from iTunes.

Twitter Music is excellent in theory, but you have to have a subscription to totally enjoy full-length tracks. That means spending an extra $10 every month. You might as well head to Rdio directly. There’s a good chance people will try out the app for a short while, but end up sticking to the streaming service they prefer.

There are hundreds of competing applications out there, and many don’t charge anything. For song recommendations, Songza can suggest different tracks and playlists depending on your activity, mood or time of the day, and Spotify is one of the most popular go-to apps for playlists and it has a massive vault of tunes.

Reactions from Twitter users are mixed – some say it’s so cool while others are disappointed or confused for some reason.

 What do you think about Twitter Music? Are you going to switch or stay with your current service provider? Or use both?

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