Understanding Content and Coming Up With Quality Articles

For a trade that could relatively be considered as boring – to those who are not really into it, at the very least – Search Engine Optimization or SEO is definitely a lucrative one. It has unlimited potentials and great many advantages. When talking about SEO, the methods and techniques involved in the quest to find the ultimate strategy is not too far behind. And undeniably, one of the most important factors is the content itself.

Busting Content Myths

The phrase “content is king” is all too familiar in the SEO industry. However, as one would say, the tides have changed. There have been significant alterations since the start of the internet marketing trend. And these modifications mean that doing things a certain way will have to be changed as well. In order to make it in the business, it is necessary that the strategies used be able to adapt.

There are a lot of things about content that has been considered as standard principle since time immemorial. However, it has been found out over the years that these “principles” have become moot and are nothing more than myths when applied in the present time.

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One of the most popular myths is the one about content marketing simply being about creating more content. Contrary to popular belief, it is not so much about the quantity but the quality. Creating quality content is the key. Simply creating more content and crap content is worthless. This then leads to the second popular myth which states that quality content is not sustainable. Of course, having great content without appropriate consequent action is all for naught. But there are ways to mitigate that problem. Creating reports and guides, for example, are two of the things that can be done to build sustainable, evergreen content. Another myth is that a content object only has one life. Again, contrary to popular belief, content can be re-purposed, re-used and utilized a number of times through using different formats.

Perhaps, rather than saying that content is the king, it would be more appropriate to say that content is gold. Like gold, content is precious. But more than that, both gold and content are malleable and conducive. It is not the end result but the means to achieving the goal. In this case, content helps in paving the road towards high rankings in the search engine search results.

Relevant Kinds of Content

On the third myth, there was a brief mention of repurposed content. For the sake of clarity, repurposed content are the kinds of content that can be used in a number of different formats like uploading video to YouTube, embedding content in WordPress, posting screenshots from video to Flickr and uploading images and text as a story in PowerPoint on SlideShare or Scribd.

Aside from the repurposed content, there are three other kinds of content that every specialist must be familiar with. These are the evergreen, curates, and the co-created.

Evergreen content was momentarily mentioned in the myths section as well. To be precise, evergreen are those that are original, unique to the publisher, timeless and always relevant. On the other hand, curated content are those that are aggregated from multiple sources. Sort of a research paper, if you will. Last, but certainly not the least, is those that are co-created which are pieces of content that have social promotion built right into it.

The NOT to Do’s

Having good content cannot be stressed enough. If you browse around, you are bound to find copious amounts of tips of things that should be done to make quality content. For the sake of variety, let us look into the things that should NOT BE DONE.

1. Speak in incomprehensible business babble.

Impress the readers with your vast knowledge. Talk about the subject matter using as many jargons as you know. That ought to make the readers take you seriously. It’s pretty much the same as back in grade school when all pupils just loved reading their extremely scientific science books.

2. Always be serious and make people understand that you are a very important person.

People just love yielding to authority. Readers like to be dominated. Make them feel as if they are complete idiots incapable of comprehension. Talk and write as if you are the only person who knows about the subject matter.

3. Ramble on.

Write as long as you need to. Don’t worry about people losing their interest about what you are saying. After all, people have extremely long attention span.

4. Use verbose and highfalutin words all the time. Make your write-up fancy.

As long as it sounds impressive, who cares that no one understands what you are saying, right”

5. Never use pictures. Pictures are dumb.

It makes the article look boring. Besides, it takes away the reader’s attention from the words.

6. Ignore what the readers want to know. You write for yourself.

The readers are absolutely of no consideration.

7. Don’t feel the need to back up any of your points.

Your writing does not need to be credible. All the readers have to know are the things that you think should be the facts. You know everything and they don’t so people should just take your word for it.

As I have gathered, not everyone is gifted with the ability to process sarcasm and comprehend the fact that it actually means the opposite of what is being said. Remember that what have been mentioned above are actually things that should absolutely NOT be done.


Content is definitely one of the essential things that need to be taken into consideration. It cannot be denied that content has a very big role to play. However, it is never too much to remind time and time again that while content is a huge help, there is more to SEO than just that. There are many SEO methods and techniques out there and devoting all energy and resources to just one is not recommended. And even simultaneously practicing many methods does not guarantee immediate success.

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