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We have a professional, experienced, and dynamic team that offers creative designs and great website features.

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in work and in life.

SquareFish is the magic formula for achieving that work-life balance you dream of. It pays to succeed at work, but why not get a life, too, while you’re at it? By delegating the nitty gritty tasks to a VA, we give you the freedom to make the most out of your time. Why worry on the tiny details – tasks like paying the bills, scheduling meetings, setting appointments, and booking tickets – when you can dedicate your energy on the big picture?
As a SquareFish client, you work with your own VA – a highly skilled and trained US-based assistant who will work remotely as your aide de camp. Once you delegate a task, rest assured your VA will make it happen.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane.

No, it’s a VA!

SquareFish prides itself in connecting the world’s innovators with virtual assistants who can similarly work at superhuman levels. All our VAs are vetted for their skill, resourcefulness, attention to detail, communication, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities. This is why we are confident that we are getting you the best help you can get in the world.

Many may answer the call to apply, but only a few are chosen. We only link you to the cream of the crop VAs.


SquareFish Virtual Assistant.

We know your story because it’s the usual tale of today’s busy entrepreneur and professional. VAs can keep things simple for you. They possess all of the skills needed to manage the complexities of your work and personal life, allowing you to do more while keeping calm.

SquareFish’s VAs are highly qualified to complete tasks you may need doing, such as:

Admin Tasks

Research & Reports

Data Entry/Research/Scraping

Email Management

Social Media Management

And many more…


Here’s what they say about us.

“I was struggling to find a VA who would grasp specific concepts that were needed to market myself and my clients when I found Antonette at SquareFish, all my needs were met! She’s not only fantastic at her job (hard-working, attentive, requires minimal supervision), but her personality brightens my day! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a VA to check out the SquareFish team. I have personally referred many people their way and will continue to do so!”

Beverley Theresa
CEO & Social Media Consultant, Throwdown Social Media Club

“As the owner of a digital marketing agency, there is a doubting list of things to do. Especially when putting efforts to scaling the business. Working with Ron as my VA has been a great experience that allows me to focus on my strengths in the business. He is persistent, and always get the job done. He has helped me grow my clients social media pages, and generate a lot of business for them. And, has been a great assistant to help with lead generation for our agency. Agcel is the web development VA, she is very talented at what she does. She is very efficient, has wonderful communication, and has touch that brings creativity to everything she does. I recommend working with squarefish because they are reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful.​​​​​​​”

Ian Gash

“I’ve been working with my VA, Francis, for over 2 months and I have already seen dramatic results in my business in this short amount of time. Francis is not only efficient, detail-oriented, and professional but he is also proactive, diligent, and very pleasant to work with. His positive can-do attitude is commendable and I feel fortunate to be working together with him.”

Jessica Chan
Social Media Marketing Consultant & Strategist, Jessica Chan Consulting

“We are very pleased with Ronald’s work with us. We really like the way he works independently and doesn’t wait for instructions for getting the work completed.”

Evan Swensen SquareFish Testimonial

Evan Swensen
Book Publisher and Owner of Publication Consultants

“Their virtual assistants are simply the best and very cheap too! They will record calls with customers, do comprehensive check-ins and out for work, etc. Wow! AND I’m happy to find out this company is based in Vegas! woot woot.​​​​​​​”

Tasha Woodfall
Executive Assistant, Inc.

Get the work-life balance you deserve.

We all know how mentally taxing boring tasks could be, right? If you are an entrepreneur, what energizes you are the strategic and creative elements of your work. But the repetitive and routine tasks are important as well, but well, boring! Trying to squeeze in all these tasks in a workday will not only be emotionally draining for you, but they will hurt your productivity as well.

Hand off some of the time-intensive and less complex tasks to a VA. Whether that is dealing with bills, reminding you of appointments, commenting on blogs, updating your social media posts, tracking your deliveries, or planning a weekend vacation, let a VA absorb deal with it.

So, why wait? Skyrocket your productivity now with a SquareFish VA.