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Quality and precision are its utmost consideration when creating outputs that ensure clientele’s satisfaction. We make sure that our writers can cater to our clients’ needs. Below are sample written products of the content team.

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SEO Team

The SquareFish SEO Team constantly expands its knowledge and bank of strategies as it adapts to the ever-changing and shifting dynamics of this business.

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MIS Team

The Management Information Systems (MIS) division is a team of technically adept IT professionals with diverse skills set – from systems development, system and network administration to data security management. The team is tasked to handle mission-critical business data and IT infrastructure.

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Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistance team is made up of individuals with varying backgrounds and skills. This allows them to cater to projects related to research, data entry, graphic design, marketing, and writing services, among others. The VA team is able to handle any client need: from simple tasks, to random requests, to ongoing and long term projects.

Review: Wireless Air Mouse Glove 2.4G

We are all used to using a handheld mouse when using a computer or even a laptop. It always seems much easier to navigate a computer when there’s one. If you don’t like the hassle of messing with wires, there are plenty of wireless models in stores everywhere. Sometimes though even wireless models are not good enough for what we sometimes have in mind. When you’re watching a movie on your laptop while lying in the couch, it’s a pain to have to sit or lean over the coffee table to man the mouse.

The Wireless Air Mouse Glove 2.4G offers a solution for this. This mouse has a unique design: it is worn in the hand, precisely like a glove or a hand warmer.

There are no finger wraps, but part of its mechanism is attached at the forefinger. A short, flexible, wire coil connects the finger attachment to the second half of the mechanism. The latter is attached to the “glove,” and sits on top of the hand when worn.


Specs and Features

The right and left mouse click functions are located at the forefinger attachment which is made up of two slim bands that wrap around the finger. The first band has one button, which performs Left Click functions. The second band has two buttons, one for Pause and the other (aligning the Left Click button) for Right Click functions.

The hardware sitting on top of the hand is a tiny, round thing that contains a USB port for charging, LED indicator lights and a power button.

To use the Wireless Air Glove Mouse, users simply have to plug the USB module into the computer. They can then use the mouse from anywhere in the same room.


Here are the specs of this unique, wireless mouse:
  • Interface: 2.4GHz Wireless
  • Supported OS: Windows XP SP2 or later, Vista, 7 & 8; MacOS X 10.5 or later; Android OS
  • Power: rechargeable battery
  • Charging Time: 1 hour
  • Usage Time: 12 hours
  • Correspondence: right hand only
  • Working Distance: 10-15m
  • Size: 200mm(width) x 110mm(depth) x 50mm(height)
  • Weight: 35g, 300g with packaging
  • Accessories: Body/Glove, USB dongle, mini-USB cable, user manual


  • Very portable and convenient.
  • The mouse movement and functions will still register even if the user is standing far from the computer.
  • There are no wires to keep tidy and restricting movement.
  • The Pause button allows users to stop the device from tracking hand movement as mouse gestures. This allows them to multitask with their hands.


  • Motioning to the monitor with your finger and using the forefinger buttons for Right and Left Clicks are going to take time getting used to.
  • Using/wearing this mouse can make typing difficult.
  • The Pause and Right Click buttons are very near each other. It’s too easy to mistaken one for the other.
  • As is the disadvantage with chargeable wireless models, they are bound to lose power after several hours.

The jury is still out on whether or not this mouse is good for gamers. However, if what you are after is convenience, portability and unrestricted motion while using your mouse, the Wireless Air Mouse Glove 2.4G will be good for you.

5 Tips for Getting Your Finances Back in Shape

Each time a new year arrives, people almost automatically make resolutions and look forward to starting fresh. For many, this includes getting their finances back on track. If you’re one of those who found themselves battling financial woes by the end of 2013, then perhaps you can take small comfort in knowing you’re not alone in this battle. Many other people are struggling with the same dilemma. To help you get your finances back in shape, here are a few tips you may find useful:

1. Do an Inventory
This task may be a bit time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth your while. Read your financial statements, review your credit reports, go through your pay stubs, study your budget, and carefully (and objectively) study your spending habits. This should give you a complete understanding of why you’re having this dilemma right now. It will also point you towards the right direction in getting back on track financially.

2. Make a Budget
You want to start fresh, right? Well, then, why not scratch off your 2013 budget and create a new one for 2014? And don’t just stop there. Set a schedule for regularly checking your budget to make sure you haven’t gone off-track during the year. This should improve your chance of achieving your financial goals this year.

3. Adopt a “Savings First” Mindset
Of course, you need to pay off the debts you incurred in the past year, but that doesn’t mean you can forget all about saving up for emergencies and for your future! In fact, saving should be on top of your to-do lists, right above paying for essentials (mortgage, utilities, etc.) and paying your debts. You don’t have to set aside a large amount for your savings, as small amounts can add up real fast as long as you save regularly. If you have to, automate your savings so you can cheat yourself out of taking this step.

4. Pay Your Debts
Your debts can drag you down very quickly if you allow them to pile up. Set up a system to make sure you can pay off all of your credit card debts and loans this year. Make a list of all the companies you owe, the respective amounts owed, and the interest on those debts. You can then decide if you’ll pay off the biggest debt first, the smallest debt first, or the debt with the highest interest first. What’s important is for you to set a payment schedule and stick with it. Oh, and don’t forget to call the companies you owe to tell them about your plan. Lenders are often more lenient about penalties when they’re assured you’re determined to pay your debts.

5. Cut Back on Expenses
This is a no-brainer. How can you ever hope to get back on track if you’re still spending like there’s no tomorrow? Keep track of your expenses and do away with the things you don’t need. Lock away your credit cards in a drawer. Paying cash for everything helps control spending.

Getting your finances back on track may indeed be difficult, but keep in mind that it’s not impossible. When you’re finally in good financial shape, you may even want to consider investing.

ABCO Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

Music seems to be the easiest way to make almost every kind of mundane task more enjoyable or at least more bearable. For that reason, it’s nearly impossible to step inside any kind of establishment without seeing anyone listening to music. Traditionally, music is often used to celebrate various festivities or other social occasions. And most probably, it can only be heard during those times. Thankfully, music has become more accessible and portable nowadays. In fact, it has become harder to encounter anyone without a set of earphones plugged into their ears. People in subways, people at work, in school, in libraries, in grocery stores and everywhere else are all listening to their music.

Since it does make every kind of activity more fun, we try to inject music into as many situations as we can. We take our music wherever we can—including our bathrooms. Thanks to ABCO tech, the company responsible for developing the Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker, bath time can be more enjoyable and relaxing (depending on your choice of music).

The waterproof speaker utilizes Bluetooth technology to help users stream their playlists from their own existing devices. It can be paired easily with any Bluetooth ready device that has the user’s playlist in sync. It can pair up with Android devices, iPhones, and other media players installed with apps such as Pandora, Google Music, and others. Once detected, the speaker can automatically pair up with any device within range. When fully charged, the device can run up to 15 hours straight. However, if it hasn’t been used for a total of five days, the device needs to be charged again before using. Apart from having a relatively long play time, users will also love it for its easily placed buttons and convenient call control features. These features allow the user to control volume, receive or reject calls, as well as to play, pause, replay, or skip tracks. The music fades as the user is about to take any incoming calls and resumes to playing right after the call has been ended.

As for appearance, this compact waterproof speaker is built with a rubber-like surface. Its power button is strategically found at the sides along with other buttons that activate the built-in microphone as well as buttons for adjusting the volume. Since the device isn’t entirely made up of waterproof materials it has a rubber stopper at the back. This prevents water from seeping through the AC power socket.

All in all, this device which costs about $40, would fall as a bargain for anyone who finds it a joy to continue listening to music or take calls even while he is in the shower, in a spa, or in a pool. This device can prove to be useful for busy people who can’t seem to stop taking calls as well as for clumsy people who can’t risk bringing any type of electronic device near a water source.

Business Registration


  • To increase ranking in Google for 29 target keywords.
  • To increase organic traffic in Google search.


The team implemented a SEO Premium Package Service doing specifically off-page optimization for the website.


High competitiveness of the niche, with an average of 4,000,000 competitors. Due to high competitiveness of the niche, 4 out of 29 target keywords find it hard to rank in Google.


  • 25 target keywords increased an average of 16 ranks from January 2014 to June 2014
  • There was a 1,258% rise of Organic Search traffic in a span of 2 months.

Contact Lens


Help the business’ Google Plus account increase number of Pluses & Followers.


The process involves social engagement through joining Google Plus communities. Once already in a specific group or community the SMO interact with other members of the group by posting any related content and posting comments where needed.


Strict community guidelines of some communities impede the SMO in getting in touch with target audience. Sometimes you have to wait for a few weeks before the request of joining will be approved.


The number of Pluses and followers of the business Google Plus account increased exponentially within a span of 3 months (September 7, 2013 to December 7, 2013). SquareFish LLC Case Study 2

Weight Loss Product


Get the money keywords or client preferred keywords to page 1 in Google


The team implemented a SEO premium Package Service doing specifically off-page-optimization for website.


Have 1 dedicated resource working for 48 hours per week. Sending of weekly updates to client.


The percentage of targeted keywords on page 1-3 of Google increased to 47%. SquareFish LLC Case Study 3

Web Development Portfolio

The Web developers and designers are tasked to develop and maintain both in-house and client websites, making sure that all websites the team developed strictly adhere to web standards and client’s specifications. The team is well-versed in developing and customizing CMS based and E-commerce websites using the latest web technologies such as PHP5, SQL & NoSQL DB, AJAX, Parallax, and Responsive designs.

1. Facebook Promotions and Advertising System
A paid service that enables it advertisers to create social media campaigns through Facebook users that signed up as promoters to share their topics of interest on their walls to generate traffic to the advertisers landing page.

Technologies used: PHP5, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, Facebook API
Duration: 352 Hours

2. Human Resource Management System
A highly customized OrangeHRM application that enabled the client to retrieve time-in/out entries from access doors and networked biometric devices for attendance generation of its on-site employees, generate and download employees CV, Post vacancies to Jobber board based employment website.

Technologies used: PHP5, MySQL, jQuery, Symfony PHP Framework
Duration: 208 Hours

3. Crowd Pulse
A survey application for brand management and content generation that utilized the Crowdflower platform to get general consensus of the target market demographics.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Parallax, Bootstrap, AJAX
Duration: 352 Hours

Software Development Portfolio

1. Dynamic Domain Name Service

A client-server application and service that enables its users to assign Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to the dynamically assigned IP address of their Internet Service Provider (ISP). Users will only have to remember the FQDN to access their CCTV, IP Cameras and other online devices.

Technologies used: PHP5, MySQL, jQuery, Python,
Duration: 352 Hours

2. Search Engine Lead Generation Tool

An application for generating leads based on the keyword and search parameters provided by its user. Results are filtered and returned according to domain and page rankings.

Technologies used:, MySQL, Search API
Duration: 208 Hours

3. Drug Addiction Survival Game

An immersive facts-based game on dealing and surviving drug addiction with players able to share how they managed to survive their drug addiction on Facebook and Twitter.

Technologies used: Adobe Flash, ActionScript, Facebook & Twitter API
Duration: 127 Hours

Case Study:

Campaign Objectives is the first Kagay-anon Go-to-site that seeks to provide quick information about businesses and points of interest (POI) around Cagayan de Oro City.

Clix helps users to discover the options in store for them around the city in terms of places to visit, businesses to check out, and even events to participate in. It offers information about establishments with geographical locations closest to users– from fashion apparel, to restaurants, malls, spas, to hotels, construction firms, banks, hospitals, to car repairs, and many more!


The strategy for Clix included increasing visibility as well as driving traffic and awareness to Clix’s services.

  • Create User Interest and Increased User Interaction via In-Site Currency

Clix has an in-site currency called “Tix”. Tix are acquired by writing reviews on business pages and movies, inviting other users and joining Clix events where promo codes are given away. The Tix collected by users can be exchanged for freebies offered by businesses. By doing this, Clix was able to see more sign-ups and increased user interaction.

  • Take advantage of User-Generated Content

Businesses have been given control of what is shown on their business pages and the content that they hold. They are also allowed to offer freebies in exchange for user’s Tix or a specific number of shares.

Measures of Success

Since the soft launching on December 2013, there have been over 5, 000 Cagayan de Oro businesses listed, making it the most comprehensive business listing for Cagayan de Oro City.

From June to July of 2014, there have been more than 52,000 sessions, more than 49,000 unique visits, and more than 75,000 pageviews and more than 67,000 unique pageviews.

In less than a year, more than 90% of the entries and posts on Clix has landed on page 1 of Google.

Clix is also making waves in the social media circle via Facebook with over 2,500 page likes and 5,900 post reach.

clix website


These are some VA projects the team has done in the past:

  • Research Tasks:
  • College Housing List
  • Portfolio Information
  • Timeless Toys
  • Pinterest Suggestion
  • Canada Universities
  • Clothes Sizing Info

Data Mining:

  • Used & New Cars
  • Scraping photos for Face Detection Tool

Writing Services:

  • Youtube sitemap descriptions