Content writing is one of the basic elements in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) necessary in making a business’ website rank better in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Content writers are not just ordinary writers who deliver simple articles; they are trained to integrate writing and SEO as a craft in order to help businesses perform better through increasing online visibility.

Content writers are beneficial for any business because:

  • They have the knowledge and ability to increase website traffic. And an increase in site traffic means more returns.
  • They are professionals and well-trained at what they do. Content writers work with a standard that assures quality outputs.
  • They create relevant, informative, and stimulating content that can easily capture an audience. If high quality content is regularly posted, user loyalty increases.
  • They know how to work with keywords and phrases that help take websites to the top of search engine result pages.

Our reliable content writers at SquareFish have been carefully selected and trained. They write not just to inform; but also to stimulate ideas, persuade, and leave lasting impressions. Our content writers can cater to varied writing styles, from simple general information articles to SEO news articles, to press releases, to biographies and reputation management articles.

The following content services are offered by Squarefish:

  • content for landing pages
  • product reviews
  • e-books
  • biographies/reputation management
  • link descriptions
  • SEO news articles
  • articles for article submission campaigns
  • press releases
  • blog writing