SEO Link Building Strategies
You Should Use in 2020

While some industry insiders have declared that link building is now dead, there are still quite a number who believe in its role in building site traffic and increasing SERP ranking. In fact, Google continues to highlight the value of links in ranking. Time and again, various experts have stressed that links or link building-along with high-quality content-is a major SEO factor.

Thus, it is just right to focus on link building strategies. These will help boost the credibility of your website while building and boosting its ranking.

Understanding the concept of links and link building

Links, or hyperlinks, help users navigate the pages of a website. It connects one page to another-in this case, the referring page and the target page.

In addition, search engines use links for crawling or browsing the web. They do this when they need to find new pages and when they need to know how a website or page is doing. Crawling the pages also mean getting content from the visited pages or sites and then indexing this content.

The process of link building, on the other hand, starts with the acquisition of hyperlinks. These links are taken from other sites and then moved to another (your website or page). So, if I am the one gathering links, I go to a website that’s relevant for me, I get the link to the site and then transfer this to my website or to another site.

When a website or page references your website, this is called a backlink, which is also essential factor for efficient and effective SEO.

Over the years, link building has become more and more important. It is one of the primary needs of search engine specialists, especially now that Google has placed its focus not only on the quantity or number of links, but more on the quality of links.

As such, it helps if you know some link building strategies. If you don’t, then below are several strategies that can help ensure you’ll get only good quality hyperlinks. These strategies have been updated to address new link building needs.

Link building strategies for 2020

Use long keywords

Link building services always say that content is king, so it is important for you to keep this in mind at all times. You need to make sure your content will be interesting for your target market and, consequently, Google. So, instead of writing, “click here to learn how to paint,” you should expand this a little so that it will come out as something like, “As previously mentioned in a blog I wrote about painting for beginners.” The longer version is better and Google will find it easier to identify and recommend to readers with similar interests.

Beware of repeating keywords

If you want a guarantee that Google will read your content right, do not repeat your keywords. So, if you want to hyperlink on an article about “Five painting tips for beginners,” do not repeat the title in exactly the same format on other pages. Instead, find other ways to express the same thought and message. “You need to only follow five simple steps to learn how to paint” will be a better choice. Google will be able to focus on this context and information about your content

Guest blogging

If you want to have healthy links that search engines would love, then the best thing you can do is go for some guest blogging. Aside from giving you bigger mileage and a wider audience, it is a good way of increasing SERP rankings. In addition, it can also help build your backlinks.

Guest posting will also help you build connections. However, your goal is not only to hand over your guest post; you also need to take advantage of the connection provided for you. Find out how else you can help-probably as a contributing writer or maybe you can assist with some content they are currently developing for other sites and pages.

Most of all, do not forget to add links that will take readers to your content.

However, when guest posting, make sure to choose websites that have enough authority and those that are targeted to the same audiences that you have. Likewise, be wary of websites that are spammy. Thus, it is important to do some quality check before deciding to guest post.

Create list posts

List posts are content that feature a numbered list. This list can be about techniques, tips, do’s and don’ts, top 5s and reasons, among many others. Audiences love list posts because they’re not that heavy on the eyes-they’re easy to read and digest.

Make yourself a journalistic source of information

What does being a journalistic source of information mean? Simple. All you have to do is share information-or tips or quotes-without asking for anything other than your name, website, and brand will be mentioned.

Make yourself a journalistic source of information

What does being a journalistic source of information mean? Simple. All you have to do is share information-or tips or quotes-without asking for anything other than your name, website, and brand will be mentioned.

Don’t forget to include infographics

Like list posts, infographics work like magic. Maybe this is because people like to see everything with a visual representation. Or maybe they want information delivered to them in a more straightforward manner. So, instead of reading a 1,500-word article, they would rather go through an infographic.

Infographics are visually stimulating and appealing. They generate a lot of interest and even action. They are also shared many times over compared to simple text content.

Use these infographics as a good backlink source.

Reverse guest posting

This is the exact opposite of guest posting. Instead of looking for a website to guest post on, you look for respected and popular bloggers to guest post on your blog. Be careful, however, and make sure your guest bloggers do not write about topics you have already discussed and posted.

This can be a bit difficult if your site is not that well-maintained or if your page isn’t updated. So, it pays to regularly update your page.

Broken link building

Broken link building

Here’s something you’ll hear from SEO link building services: when used properly, broken links can help a lot in achieving your SEO goals.

A broken link is a link that directs you to a website that does not have the content it is supposed to open. This is when the 404 sign appears on your screen. Instead of letting it go, why not use it in your favor?

If you find a broken link, all you have to do is send an email to the blog owner and tell him or her about the broken link you found in one of this/her posts. While you’re at it, tell the owner that you can help because you have a blog on exactly the same topic. Be sure, however, that you are not too aggressive or the blog owner might get turned off and shoo you away.

Work on your word count-make it longer

Invest on your content a little more. Give it more time and attention. As previously mentioned, content is king. So, it is also important for you to make sure your content is of good quality.

If your content is less than 500 words long, this can turn away people and potential link partners. So, make sure your content is at least 500 words long. Of course, don’t make it too long either as it might have the same effect of boring your target audience.

Your intention should be to put out content that can help make audiences believe in you. If your content is short-or way too short-they might say, “Ah, she’s not an expert on this issue. She doesn’t know stuff.”

Make your content longer, but be sure it is well-written, relevant and interesting.

Use the power of influencers and mention them in your content

Support industry influencers by mentioning them in your content. You can come up with a most popular influencer list post or perhaps a feature on the top five influencers for 20-somethings. Writing about good, positive and inspiring stuff will get you a lot of attention and, ultimately, the links you need.

Post well-researched guides

Aside from lists, well-researched guides are also a favorite of many. You can use these posts to establish an identity for your page or website, one that screams “authority.” It is important, however, to choose topics or issues that you are most familiar and comfortable with.

Regularly monitor your backlinks

There are several tools that you can use to regularly monitor your backlinks. These tools will help notify you when there are new ones. With this, you will be able to determine if the new links are relevant or not.

Lastly, increase your website or webpage visibility

Use social media to promote your page or website. This will entice readers and audiences to link back to your post. According to a study, websites and pages that are properly exposed on social media are also the ones that do well on the SEO side of things.

These are just some of the link building strategies for the year 2020. As there is no one-shot solution, the ideal thing to do would be to combine several strategies for your link building campaign. You can also choose to hire the services of a link building specialist like SEO Las Vegas. They’re well-trained and dedicated to helping you achieve your SEO goals, so you’re guaranteed a good investment.