Content Marketing Strategy Trends You Should Capitalize on This 2017

Every year, some of the best marketers in the industry release their own list of predictions on which trends are going to dominate the field in the coming months. This year, you will see a lot of content marketing strategy trends that may not match your own predictions, some you might even find a bit surprising.

What you need to remember though, is this:

No matter how varied or wide-ranging some of the predictions are this year, you need to realize that when it comes to content marketing, there are always going to be specific factors that will remain constant, such as knowing your audience, establishing your goals, and determining your means of promoting content.

No matter how content marketing strategies will evolve in the coming years, these three keys will always remain important elements in creating a successful content marketing campaign:

Top 3 Content Marketing Strategy Trends to Watch Out For

1. Creating true and better quality content is a must.

“Create better quality content,” the phrase has essentially become a mantra among content marketers and SEO specialists. This is nothing new; writing top-quality content has always been a goal a lot of content writers—and even a number of website content writing services—strive towards. But there’s good quality and then there’s great quality.

Here’s the deal.

Having good quality content doesn’t guarantee success. Good quality content simply means you have written content that is readable, free of any grammatical or spelling errors, and devoid of fluff. In other words, you’re merely dotting your Is and crossing your Ts. It looks good on your website, though.

But does it actually provide useable information to your audience? Does the content help them in any way, or is it just about the products and services that you’re trying to sell? This is where content writing will differ in 2017.

In order to separate their content from the noise, and actually be noticed by their target audience, brands have to become more creative when it comes to developing content, touching subjects that are outside their main products or services but allow their readers to appreciate their brand more.

Because virtually everyone is getting better at writing content that any website content writer can do it, the challenge is going to be setting yourself apart from your competitors. And you do that by engaging your audience, reaching them on a deeper level, through relevant and real content.

2. Mobile content will continue to become a serious factor.

mobile devices for online searches

More and more people are using their mobile devices to do online searches.

If you haven’t realized this before, you better start considering it now. The mobile platform is the new king in online searches. In recent years, online searches done through mobile devices consistently increased. There’s no reason for it to slow down in 2017.

So if you want to get ahead, or catch up, with your competitors, consider optimizing your content for mobile devices. If you’re working with SEO content writing services to develop a strong strategy for 2017, make sure they’re thinking about scannability and adaptability for mobile devices.

3. Brand awareness through social channels.

It’s no secret that one of the main objectives of any content marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness. You want to reach as many of your target audience as you can, and that can be done through social media.

But there’s a catch.

A lot of social networks, nowadays, have become congested, especially those at the top, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s becoming hard to get noticed with all the noise. This explains why some companies are slowly moving away from Facebook and focusing their efforts on other social platforms like LinkedIn or Reddit.

The truth of the matter is Facebook can still be a valuable tool for your content marketing campaign. The key is to separate yourself from everyone else.

How do you achieve this?

Again, by focusing on your content. When it comes to social media, visual and video content are the most effective strategies to get the attention you want. But you can’t just create and upload any visual content or video, it has to be engaging and compelling enough to attract your target audience.

With content marketing becoming harder and harder, it’s important for companies to be more innovative and creative with how they develop their strategy in order to find success.

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